Hey Holly! What’s new this year? Joining CodeVA! And a new goal for CS Integration in my classroom!

I am THRILLED to have the honor of joining the amazing CodeVA nonprofit as a faculty facilitator!

Here we go!

Their mission is to bring CS education opportunities, resources and training to make CS equitable to all Virginian children. What a perfect match. A special thank you to Kristin Hott and Megan Graybill for connecting me with this opportunity! I am excited to learn from like-minded educators and share my passion for integrating computer science in English language instruction. I haven’t left the classroom! I’m still an ESL teacher! In fact, here’s my personal goal to expand my #CS teaching toolbox for project based learning this year in my classroom:

This year’s goal is to explore…. Micro:bits! A Micro:bit is like a mini physical computer board which combines coding, craft and creativity to teach physical computing, engineering, computer science, and electronics. I have the Invent to Learn Guide to the Micro:bit book but am closely following Micro:bits on Twitter/X for integration ideas.

Limiting the Limitless Opportunities

As a computer science learner myself, how do I select what to platform to use and for what?

I select one primary platform to explore and integrate in a unit project a minimum of once a semester. I do this 1) to keep me focused and 2) also to provide continuity for my students. Unlike most high school teachers who have their students for one semester only, I have the privilege of teaching & keeping mine throughout their tenure. This means that I do try to avoid duplicate learning experiences and units for the same set of students.

I don’t limit myself, however! If a compelling CS integration opportunity arises like it did with our World Cup unit, then we’ll go for it. For example, after an introductory project or two first semester with micro:bits, second semester I want us to use both the Edison bots and micro:bits in a project where the students put on a parade on a yet to be determined subject. I’m fascinated by this re-tweet.

From where I began, to where I am today.

My Personal Growth of CS Integration with ELD


Course/ Projects

2020-2021 Year 1!


CS Fundamentals Course

2021-2022 Year 2!

Edison bots

Barcode Programming


2022-2023 Year 3!

CS First for Google



Animate Your Name

<World Cup>

<Problem Solving Unit>

Game Design

2023-2024 Year 4!


TBD- Let’s do this!! 🙂