Hey Holly! What’s new this year? Joining CodeVA! And a new goal for CS Integration in my classroom!

I am THRILLED to have the honor of joining the amazing CodeVA nonprofit as a faculty facilitator!

Here we go!

Their mission is to bring CS education opportunities, resources and training to make CS equitable to all Virginian children. What a perfect match. A special thank you to Kristin Hott and Megan Graybill for connecting me with this opportunity! I am excited to learn from like-minded educators and share my passion for integrating computer science in English language instruction. I haven’t left the classroom! I’m still an ESL teacher! In fact, here’s my personal goal to expand my #CS teaching toolbox for project based learning this year in my classroom:

This year’s goal is to explore…. Micro:bits! A Micro:bit is like a mini physical computer board which combines coding, craft and creativity to teach physical computing, engineering, computer science, and electronics. I have the Invent to Learn Guide to the Micro:bit book but am closely following Micro:bits on Twitter/X for integration ideas.

Limiting the Limitless Opportunities

As a computer science learner myself, how do I select what to platform to use and for what?

I select one primary platform to explore and integrate in a unit project a minimum of once a semester. I do this 1) to keep me focused and 2) also to provide continuity for my students. Unlike most high school teachers who have their students for one semester only, I have the privilege of teaching & keeping mine throughout their tenure. This means that I do try to avoid duplicate learning experiences and units for the same set of students.

I don’t limit myself, however! If a compelling CS integration opportunity arises like it did with our World Cup unit, then we’ll go for it. For example, after an introductory project or two first semester with micro:bits, second semester I want us to use both the Edison bots and micro:bits in a project where the students put on a parade on a yet to be determined subject. I’m fascinated by this re-tweet.

From where I began, to where I am today.

My Personal Growth of CS Integration with ELD


Course/ Projects

2020-2021 Year 1!


CS Fundamentals Course

2021-2022 Year 2!

Edison bots

Barcode Programming


2022-2023 Year 3!

CS First for Google



Animate Your Name

<World Cup>

<Problem Solving Unit>

Game Design

2023-2024 Year 4!


TBD- Let’s do this!! 🙂

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  1. WE are so excited and fortunate to have YOU join our CodeVA team of stellar facilitators! LOVE this timeline of your learning exploration and your persononalized CS integration goal(s). Can’t wait to reconnect at VATESOL!

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